Multi-occupant content marking and approval

Water Security

Water Security ensure applications that are manufactured utilizing cloud-local innovations like compartments. It gives weakness checking and the executives to orchestrators like Kubernetes.

It is a complete security stage learn java to guarantee that those applications running on the compartments are secure, and they’re running in a protected climate.

As engineers construct pictures, they have a lot of innovations and libraries to assemble their pictures. Water security permits them to check those pictures to guarantee that those pictures are spotless, they don’t have any known weaknesses in them, they don’t have any known passwords or insider facts, and no sort of security danger that could make that picture powerless.

water security dashboard

On the off chance that any weakness is discovered, water security reports them back to the designer and prescribes what they have to do to fix those weak pictures.

Water Security additionally has advancements to guarantee that it doesn’t get assaulted or entered with any security danger once the compartment runs on creation.

Docker Bench

Docker Bench Security is a content with different mechanized tests to check for the accepted procedures for sending compartments on creation.

To run docker seat security, you have to have Docker 1.13.0 or later.

You have to run the beneath order to run docker seat security.

docker run – it – net host – pid have – userns have – top include audit_control \


– v/var/lib:/var/lib \

– v/var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock \

– v/usr/lib/systemd:/usr/lib/systemd \

– v/and so on:/and so forth – mark docker_bench_security \

docker/docker-seat securityCopy

After this, the content will run, and it will share subtleties for INFO, WARN, PASS. In the wake of running the content, you can check at all the notice messages and make the rectifications.

docker seat security


Harbor is an open-source and confided in cloud local library that gives security arrangements and job based admittance control (RBAC). It stores, signs, and sweeps docker pictures for weaknesses. It tends to be introduced on a Kubernetes group or whatever other framework which underpins Docker.

harbor dashboard

Harbor highlights:

Effectively deployable utilizing Docker Compose

Gives security and weakness investigation

Multi-occupant content marking and approval

Character incorporation and job based admittance control

Extensible API and User Interface

Picture replication between examples

Supports LDAP/AD and OIDC for client the executives and client validation

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