5 Keys to Choosing a Network Marketing Company!

When evaluating a Network Marketing company, there are many issues to consider. With the thousands of companies to choose from, how do you evaluate which one is best for you? Well, having been in the Industry full-time for the last six years, I believe there are 5 key points to consider as you complete your due-diligence.

Issue number one: Timing & Positioning
For me, it’s very important to get involved in a company that is pre-momentum. In other words, the company is new enough that it hasn’t yet hit critical mass and become a household name. The fortunes in NWM are typically made by those who get in before momentum. I heard a statistic recently that 80% of the wealth earned by distributors is made by the first 130,000 or so who get involved. That doesn’t mean that you can’t make money if you come in after this number of course, but it always helps to be ahead of the curve and get in early! Just make sure the company is solid financially and isn’t too risky. If you can find a company that is early on and financially solid, you are off to a great start.

Issue number two: Leadership
This is huge because without strong leadership, the company is probably not going to be around for long or make it big. Look for a leader with a proven track record and who has been successful in the past. I personally like leaders with a strong vision for where the company is going and who thinks big. As John Maxwell says, “everything rises and falls on leadership” so make sure the people running the company have integrity and care about their distributors.

Issue number three: Marketing
I believe that it is very important for a company to have a lot to leverage from a marketing stand point. With so many companies out there, it is important to differentiate your company from everyone else. What is your unique selling proposition from a marketing stand-point? Does the company have a world-class product endorsement or data to back up product claims. Remember, it’s Network MARKETING and the marketing component is important. At the end of the day, we are paid story tellers. Make sure your company’s story is compelling and unique. Otherwise, you will have to work harder to build a team and grow your income.

Issue number four: Product
The product has to be incredibly good in my opinion or you will have a challenge with belief on your team. If you and your team don’t believe in the product, you are not going to want to share it with others. Find a product that you really believe in and that you enjoy talking about. Does your product help people? Is it something you can purchase in a store for less money or is it truly unique and value added? Make sure the product aligns with your core values and you are excited about promoting it
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